Jun. 7th, 2010 09:39 pm
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In lieu of actual, interesting, insightful content, which I seem to utterly fail at generating lately, I bring you this awesome bit of snark regarding the perennial requests that artists and designers get to "draw me this complicated thing for free!":
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70-year-old American tourist is set upon by armed mugger, kills said mugger with his bare hands:

Link to story here. Way to go, badass old guy! (And they didn't press any charges against him, either; apparently plenty of witnesses confirmed that he was just defending himself.)
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I've spent the whole day working on my novel, but not actually writing much of anything new ... I'm just taking the scenes in the first half (which weren't working) and rearranging them. And then having to rewrite because suddenly people are talking about things they shouldn't know yet, and the pacing STILL doesn't work.

*bangs head on keyboard*

This show sounds fun; too bad it's only in Canada. Would you believe I actually wrote up a proposal for something similar to this when I was in high school? Stop laughing! In the early '90s I really wanted to create and produce TV shows. I had several different shows that I created cast lists and series bibles and everything for. This was one of them, only it was more of a soap opera, about a Muslim family that moved into a conservative American town. Some of the characters sound eerily similar.


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