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There's a new interview at Sequential Tart up this week, in which I talk about Kismet and Patreon, among other things.
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[ profile] jana_denardo interviewed me at her blog, talking about writing and my Big Damn Heroines novella: Thank you, Jana! :)
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The winner of the book drawing (via my oh-so-scientific method involving a list of participants and a set of RPG dice) is [personal profile] schneefink. Congratulations! And thank you to everyone else for your webcomic recommendations; I’ve been horrendously busy the last couple of weeks, but I am really looking forward to poking through these!

In other news, I was recently recruited to participate in a blog hop by Aundrea Singer, who was fishing for willing victims on her blog. *g* Typically, blog hops are a way for authors to introduce themselves to new readers by guest-blogging and/or linking to each other’s blogs. It’s really just a way of expanding your circle of possible readers beyond your own blog. The different ones I’ve seen have different rules: in some cases, authors will guest-blog at each other’s blogs; in other cases, everyone links to a big central list of participants.

In this case, it’s operating chain-letter style. Aundrea put up a post looking for other authors on her friendslist who would like to answer a set of questions (it’s the same questions for everyone). She answered the questions here, for her upcoming novel Black Hawk Tattoo from Dreamspinner Press. I will be writing up my own answers for my current/upcoming project (Freebird, naturally!). For you creative people out there, would any of you like to play too? It can be for a book or short story or webcomic, in any genre — whatever you have that’s new and current. Just leave me a comment saying that you would like to participate, and agree to post your answers on Dec. 12 if possible (I will be posting mine on the 5th — it’s supposed to be a week apart) and seek other participants via your blog, as I’m doing here. Ideally the “rule” is that you’re supposed to find five other people to play, but less than five (or none!) is okay too. And I’ll link to you, and you’ll link back to me.

… I have to admit that I kinda feel weird about the slightly chain-letter-esque aspect of all of this, but it’s really just in the interests of spreading the word to new readers, and we authors can never resist doing that! This can be for any project in any genre — whatever you have that’s current, upcoming, or an unpublished work in progress. (If you write all-ages material, it’s probably good for you to know that many of the early & current participants in this blog hop are writers of sexually explicit romance who may have NSFW content on their websites.)

Hopefully I’ve explained that well enough; it took a couple times of Aundrea explaining it to me before I felt like I got it. (And hopefully I’m doing this right!) Sarah Madison has a probably much more lucid explanation posted here.

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Wolfen Moondaughter interviewed me for Sequential Tart this month. Check it out! I talk about Freebird, Kismet, the future of Raven’s Children, and my own background in comics. Basically you can’t shut me up. *g* And Wolfen had some great questions — thank you very much for the interview, Wolfen!

And if you’re coming here from the interview, or have managed to miss my shameless shilling over the last few weeks, the book can be purchased here, and you can read most of it online for free.

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Author Jonathan Moeller is very kindly interviewing participants in this year’s SWORD & SORCERESS anthology (he has also done the past few year’s authors as well). My interview is up today:

You can read an excerpt from my story, “Netcasters”; I also talk about writing a bit.

I asked Jonathan if he would like to do a reciprocal interview for me, and he was quite prompt at getting me the answers back! So here are Jonathan’s answers to my questions:

1. Please tell us a little about yourself and your books.

My name is Jonathan Moeller, and I write both sword-and-sorcery books and nonfiction books about computers. My most popular books are the five in the DEMONSOULED series, about the wandering knight Mazael Cravenlock, and THE UBUNTU BEGINNER’S GUIDE.
Interview continues under cut )

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