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You may notice lately that some of my posts are crossposted from the WordPress blog and some aren’t. That’s mainly because crossposting from WordPress is more work than typing into an LJ (or LJ clone) window. (Not a LOT more work, but between troubleshooting formatting issues, having to log into WordPress every time, and not being able to use LJ-specific markup code … yeah. It’s work.)

So I think I’m going to bother with crossposting on WordPress only when it’s Serious Writing Stuff (updates on my projects, or posts on writing) and otherwise, I’ll just be posting to Dreamwidth and crossposting to LJ.

I doubt if this matters to anyone but me (since, for those of you reading along on LJ or DW, nothing will change, and I think that is 99% of you), but I figured I’d mention it.

(Though I may change my mind once my paid LJ time runs out and I have to deal with ads again …)

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Before I get to the rest of this, my romance alias Layla M. Wier has a story out now in the anthology Snow on the Roof, from Dreamspinner Press. This is an M/M anthology of stories about men over 40. I’m very happy with the company I’m in; the final story in the anthology in particular, “Granddad’s Cup of Tea”, is just really good fiction, nevermind romance. And it’s a pleasantly less-tropy-than-usual collection of romantic fiction. Here’s its Goodreads page. I’ll also have a novelette with a female protagonist (F/F and F/M pairings) in an anthology coming out from Storm Moon Press in July. Small steps, yes, but hey, I’m selling stuff. :D

Anyway, right now I’m making WordPress sites for Sun-Cutter and for the Annotated Raven’s Children. Having already created an account on for my (rarely updated) romance blog, I discovered that it is incredibly easy to create new WordPress accounts and manage them all from the same hub. So now is a go, and so is (No real content in either place yet; I’m still getting them set up — well, at the moment, trying to figure out how I can stop the site scheme I chose for the Sun-Cutter site from putting a line around all my images. Knock it off, CSS!) I also figured it would be a good idea to lock down the “laylalawlor” name at WordPress too, since in both the above cases, the addresses I really wanted (“ravenschildren” and “suncutter”) were already taken.

… which is partly because WordPress’s rules for deleting accounts are STUPID. You can only delete an account by completely locking it out of the system, so that no one else, including you, will ever be able to use that address again. Why would they do that?! I much prefer LJ’s system, where a deleted username can either redirect to your new site or become available for other people to use. Once you select a WordPress username, no one can EVER use that name at WordPress, and if you delete it, you can’t ever change your mind and undelete it. Right now I have a spare WordPress account that I (somewhat stupidly) made in the beginning, back when I was futzing around with different romance aliases and thought I wanted to be Lenora Glass. (Turned out I didn’t.) But I like that pseud and I’m keeping the account even though it’s just visual clutter on my dashboard, because otherwise I can never ever use it again at

(Seriously, why would they do that, WHY.)

Other than that, though, I like WordPress a lot. Most of my site management on my website is now being done that way; I still have some tag cleanup to do at LJ/DW to get the two of them in sync with the way I’m handling tags at WordPress, but, now that I’ve managed to staunch the tide of spam by setting it to registered users only, I’m quite comfortable working with it. When I start updating the Kismet and Raven’s Children wordpress accounts, I will probably crosspost them to LJ & DW much as I’ve been doing with my main blog (where I’m typing this update right now); there’s no reason, I think, why you can’t crosspost from multiple WordPress blogs into the same LJ account.

A partial website “to do” list for the next couple of weeks:

  • Get the Sun-Cutter and Raven’s Children archives set up on WordPress, so that I can start updating RC again.
  • Somehow figure out a good fiction archive interface for my website. (I want to start posting free short stories and putting up ebook versions of the fiction I already have online, but I’m not sure exactly how I want to handle it. Right now it is, like all else, a scattered mess.)
  • Set up a website store, selling books, art, ebooks, etc. (Aargh, so overdue!)

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Today I’m testing various crossposting options between the new WordPress blog and LJ/DW. The Livejournal Crossposter plugin (despite the straightforward name, it’s one of at least a half-dozen, and the second one I tried) is awesomesauce. First of all, despite the name, it works with LJ clones as well, and while it can only be set up to crosspost to one other blog, turns out I don’t have to crosspost to both LJ and DW — when I crosspost only to DW, the DW blog automatically picks up my post and crossposts to LJ. I’ve also tested editing and deleting posts, both of which work like a charm across all three sites.

I don’t plan to crosspost everything. The WordPress blog is mainly going to be for writing/creative process stuff and project updates (all of which will be mirrored to my other blogs when I post them, which means you can follow wherever you prefer). But I’m delighted with how seamless this is — one click of a button and bing!, my post pops up in all three places with appropriate footers and tags and everything.


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So here's what I've been doing today:

1. I made a Wordpress! Eventually this will be the central hub of my website. At the moment it's getting broken a lot as I play with styles and figure out where I want all the content to go.

2. I made a Tumblr! And I gotta say - as much as I always hated Tumblr as a casual browser of the site, I absolutely love its interface as a user. SO. EASY! Thus far, I am finding it incredibly fun to play with and generally quite intuitive/easy to figure out how to do things. I also think that posting a webcomic on Tumblr might work better than I had thought. This will be sort of a general art blog for me -- I'll be posting webcomic pages, random art, fanart, etc. (At least that's the idea.)

At this point, both of these things are highly experimental works in progress. However, after many years of doing all my website content management using hand-coded text files, I think I might be in the process of switching over to all-web-based content management. There are so many more and better tools for it than there were ten years ago. When I started poking around my website's back end today, I was expecting to end up feeling old and frustrated and out of the loop, but instead, the more I explore, the more fun I'm having. So many options! So many shiny content tools! I want to install them ALL. (Galleries! Video! Php goodies! Whee!)

Comments are welcome! If you see anything stupid and n00bish that I'm doing on either one of these, please tell me? In the meantime, I think I shall go back to playing with my shiny toys now. :D


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