Leaving Day

Oct. 19th, 2017 09:38 pm
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Tomorrow is my very last day at work in Cambridge. I started in August 2013, which makes this the longest I've ever been at the same job.

It's very strange.

I won't miss most of what I do, because - meh, it's just not very interesting, even though I do it well?

I will miss the people, though. Even though I'm not super close to anyone, there's so many people there I like.

And it will be extremely odd to not be doing this job anymore. To look ahead and realize it won't be until January 2022 I will have been at my Swedish library job as long as I was at my random UK admin job.

Time is weird. Change is hard. Stress is happening, but also anticipation - and to be fair, immense relief to be rid of a lot of aspects of the role that had been grating on me.

Makes it hard to know what I'm feeling, exactly.

So I watch Yuri on Ice with [personal profile] doctorskuld and tear up at all of Yuri's Free Skates and also when sweet things are said and done and it feels so close to my heart and also like I first watched it an eternity ago...

Finish It: Let Him Go

Oct. 19th, 2017 01:13 pm
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The last Finish It! before NanoWrimo: Tilden, from This Story

It had been two weeks.

Tilden had repeated, calmly but insistently, “you should let me go.” Every night. Every time Laufeia ordered him to do something unpleasant – and Laufeia had a taste for rather unpleasant things. Every time she ordered him naked. “You should let me go.”

Eleri, whose own Kept had walked into the collar willingly and who had not nearly the taste for cruelty as her friend, found herself in a bit of a tight spot. She could advise Laufeia to release Tilden – but every time she did, Laufeia got a little nastier, a little angrier. She didn’t just take it out on Tilden, either, but on Eleri and on Caetano and on their third crew-mate, Manlius, who took it all in without seeming to notice or care. Then again, Manlius took in everything. Only at dawn did you get a sense for how stressed he’d been, as the “sun rose” in his room with intense heat or nothing at all.

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This week of farewells (and teaching my replacement as much as I can cram in without making her head explode) is... exhausting. Good, because I feel appreciated and missed, but also it's weird to have what have been my everyday interactions tinged with so many emotions now.


Books have been a blessed distraction from all the things these past couple of weeks, and since my last post I've finished...

Maelstrom (Whyborne & Griffin, #7) by Jordan L Hawk
Fallow (Whyborne & Griffin, #8) by Jordan L Hawk
Undertow (Whyborne & Griffin, #8.5) by Jordan L Hawk
Draakenwood (Whyborne & Griffin, #9) by Jordan L Hawk

These are all so perfect I can't even. They hit right in the feels, every single time, and I'm such a sucker for the ongoing themes of found family (which grows as the series goes along!), adorable husbands, and copious amounts of h/c and assorted peril. I have so many favorite things about this whole series, but one of them was the incredibly sweet and different f/f romance that develops in Undertow.

Whispers Under Ground (Peter Grant, #3) by Ben Aaronovitch
Broken Homes (Peter Grant, #4) by Ben Aaronovitch

My re-read by way of listening to Kobna Holdbrook-Smith narrate the Peter Grant books continue, and continues to be hugely enjoyable. After five years here I understand that dialects are a thing and I can make a rough sort of distinction between North and South; between posh and working class; between England and Scotland and Wales - but I can never "hear" them properly when I read the books myself. With Holdbrook-Smith's narration it's all right there and it really enriches the experience of the story. Plus I do love the forays into tube tunnels, sewers and brutalist architecture we get in these two books. (Also the plot does the thing which I can never brace for and always hits really hard.)

The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by KJ Charles
Remnant: A Caldwell & Feximal/Whyborne & Griffin Mystery
by KJ Charles and Jordan L Hawke

Yes so I got to the Simon Feximal book because I wanted to read the crossover with Whyborne & Griffin (of course I did) and then I was rather happily swept up in the characters and their paranormal Victorian adventures and romance - so different from the sweet Whyborne & Griffin one, but nevertheless hugely charming and absorbing. And the crossover did NOT disappoint! I may in fact have made a few dolphin noises reading it...

An Unseen Attraction (Sins of the Cities, #1) by KJ Charles
An Unnatural Vice (Sins of the Cities, #2) by KJ Charles
An Unsuitable Heir (Sins of the Cities, #3) by KJ Charles

And having been so enthralled by KJ Charles' writing I had to go seek out some more, and I was so pleased to find this series! It's one plot told over three books featuring an overlapping set of characters in Victorian London. Each has two main POVs - the characters who (spoiler?) - get together in the course of the book - so these are different in each. It's a really neat device that works a treat here.

I was incredibly charmed by the POV characters, many of whom are struggling with how the world sees them; how what makes them who they are is something that their society or family just won't (or don't want to) accept. It was quite wonderful to see aspects of my own relationship in all of these - but particularly #1 and #3 has things (such as a non-binary character with a pansexual eventual partner) that really, really resonates with me. And that I don't think I'd come across in fiction before!

I'm currently reading...
A Skinful of Shadows by Frances Hardinge
Foxglove Summer (Peter Grant, #5) by Ben Aaronovitch

As for what I'm reading next - honestly, probably a lot more KJ Charles and similar, because they are sweet and comforting and I need all the sweetness and comfort I can get as I spend over a month separated from the love of my own life.

A New World: Myths

Oct. 17th, 2017 01:03 pm
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“That is… a very good question.  But I suppose the answer lies in the fact that Kaelingrade is said to have disappeared, isn’t she?  Whereas Carrenonna-”  She trailed off, hoping someone knew.

“Kaelingrade vanished without a trace, tower and all, in a cold spring one day during the Aterpian Wars,” read the father. “What are - oh, those were some of the wars before we landed, weren’t they?  Skirmishes?”

Kael raised her eyebrows at the man. “Skirmishes?  You are talking about battles when thousands on thousands of people died.”

“But they didn’t have real technology here, did they?  Before we, I mean, before colonists came.  That was a long time ago, but I know there wasn’t anything like modern warfare.”

“Oh, come on, Dad.”  The older daughter rolled her eyes.  “Just because we can drop bombs and blow up entire cities now doesn’t mean that we’re superior or something.  And besides, they had magic back then, real magic, didn’t they?”

“Aria, what did we say about-”

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Patreon Posts!

Oct. 17th, 2017 09:54 am
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This is a weird one.  Today’s Patreon Sum-up involves three stories I wrote, not to prompts, but because they appeared to me.  All crossovers of one sort or another. 


Okay, so I’m working on my outlines for Finish It nanowrimo coming up in, well, November.  And I got to the one for Facets of Dusk and I started thinking about – well, the doors they might open


“Get us someplace with medical care!” Simon shouted.
“Someplace with advanced technomagical medical care.”  Aerich’s aristocratic snarl sounded panicked.
“Someplace they’re not going to shoot at us.”  Cole’s voice was calm.  But Cole, who had Josie in his arms, also sounded serious.
Read On

I blame this on my current marathon re-read of the Sandman comics.  


On Halloween, 2011, when the walls between worlds were thinner than they had ever been, the woman called The Cat Who Walks Through Walls (because her Mentor had been fond of Robert Heinlein, in his day and in her day) left her kids with her sister, as per their arrangement, and slipped out between those world-barriers.

Read On!

Okay, I guess the theme is really talking to me this month. 

Here’s another bonus, spurred on but not really related to a line from a Popular Mechanics article I read last night: (paraphrase) “AI is going to make the Industrial Revolution look small.”


Autumn knew better than to grab the strands of the world too much around Hallowe’en.
Everything was thinner at that time, more responsive, more willing to bend and twist and open.

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The original poll was a little too long, so I'm divvying this up into little polls for everyone's sanity.

This is four out of either five or six.

Poll #18954 Fourth Poll of the Polling Polls
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 7

Planners, Unicorn/Factory, Standalone and/or Shadow Rebellion: Which of these stories should I continue?

View Answers

Beginning with a Kiss
0 (0.0%)

Breaking In
1 (14.3%)

2 (28.6%)

Where Do Unicorns Come From?
3 (42.9%)

1 (14.3%)

The Silver Road
3 (42.9%)

Cleaning House/Observing
4 (57.1%)

The Shadow Rebellion
3 (42.9%)

0 (0.0%)

Friendly Fiend Forgetting
3 (42.9%)

The Tuesday Map.
1 (14.3%)

A Toque for Hill Primus.
1 (14.3%)

Eralon Explains
4 (57.1%)

What (not on the giant list) should I continue for Science!, Fairy Town, Things Unspoken, and/or Inner Circle?

The Links
Beginning with a Kiss
Breaking In
Where Do Unicorns Come From?
The Silver Road
Cleaning House/Observing
The Shadow Rebellion
Friendly Fiend Forgetting
The Tuesday Map.
A Toque for Hill Primus.
Eralon Explains

Links for original Poll

Stranded/Reiassan Poll

II: Addergoole/Tír na Cali Poll

III: Dragons Next Door, Vas' World, & Facets of Dusk poll

A strange and dangerous sky

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:44 pm
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We didn't feel very much of Storm Ophelia over here - it's so often gusty it was like any other cranky October day, wind-wise. But we did get the strange clouds; the light breaking as if through panes of amber.

I can't recall seeing anything like it before - not even when in literal Gobi dust clouds in Japan. My phone camera tried to "fix" the white balance, but I argued with it, and we came to a compromise that captures some of that strange jaundiced atmosphere:


If it wasn't bedtime, I think I would do some research to find out what this phenomena is called and why it happens...
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They made it to the bathhouse without further incident. Raizel had never been inside a place like this, but she’d heard the stories and descriptions from people in the town that went down into the flatter lands: There were rainfall devices where you soaped off, and then big drinking-trough tubs to soak in and bathhouse boys and girls to wash your back and your hair.

She left her things in the locked box she could see from her tub, the key around her wrist, and stood under the lukewarm falling water scrubbing herself with a bar of soap her trei had bought them. Next to her, the Diamond Raven, clad in nothing but a golden rope around his neck, did the same.

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Our router gave up the ghost last week, leaving us with considerably less interwebs than we are used to, and, due to an Amazon misunderstanding (did you know Prime ever meant not-quick-shipping? We didn’t!), this situation persisted through the weekend.

I (re-)read all of the Sandman graphic novels and Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice.

I also started thinking about the time before we had two computers, and the time when we didn’t spend so much time on the internet that having one connection was a hardship.

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I'm back from my first week at my new job in Sweden. Tomorrow I'm going to start my last week at my old job inducing my successor. And technically I came back Friday night but yesterday I was so exhausted I did very little except cuddle my wife, cuddle my cats, eat food and rewatch sweet, comforting Yuri on Ice.

In short - it was overwhelming, but good? Stressful, but not more than I could handle. A random mix of happy fizzy feelings and vague dread that I wouldn't be good enough. Mostly the happy fizz, but also spikes of anxiety with highlights such as OH NO I BROKE MY AIRBNB HOST'S SHELF and OH NO I SET OFF THE ALARM AND I'M THE ONLY ONE IN THE BUILDING.

And more low-level anxiety such as having 1-on-1 introduction meetings scheduled for an hour with each and every one of my 20 or so colleagues. I'm still not done with those, obviously, but it's a lot to take in. Fun, in many cases, but also intensely social and I am good at that sort of thing (at least in these circumstances with clear parameters - find out more about what everyone does; engage in small talk if it arises naturally) but also easily exhausted by too much extroversion.

I can't even do a "week in brief" thing because there was nothing brief about my week. But I can write some of it up with pictures, because - pictures!

That's what's below the cut )

But those are just the mishaps and fun after-work adventures I've been having. There was an enormous amount of work-related things happening, which were fun and exciting and informative but would take far too much explaining to be interesting to anyone not already familiar with the particulars of Swedish academic libraries.

In brief, it was really weird to be back in Sweden, but in a wonderful way. I've never missed Sweden much, but the longer I've been away from things I used to take for granted, the more magical they seem. Like: all education in Sweden - including at university - is free for all citizens. FREE EDUCATION. Totally free. Wow. So universities aren't paid for by students or alumni - though they do accept donations! - but by the government. Which makes them government ministries, just like the Migration Agency or the military. (Which, by the way, receives less government funding than universities do in Sweden!)

Also: Unions are a thing! And they're useful and people take them seriously!

And people speak Swedish! Which is something I've done very little of this past decade, but being back in a Swedish-speaking environment listening to all of the dialects I hadn't heard for so long was like hearing a familiar but forgotten melody, all nostalgic and sweet. So strange, this thing with languages and nations and what makes a place a home...

Anyway! There was a lot more to the week, but instead of going on and on about it I'll post some more of those pictures I promised:

Street art and office comparisons )

Tír na Cali-Flight Rising

Oct. 11th, 2017 10:12 am
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They had been meant to be field workers, fodder, perhaps sacrifices to the Goddess if the year was lean.

Their parents didn’t even know each other.  They had been “suggested” to breed by the simple expedient of feeding them the strongest aphrodisiac drugs and then locking them in a small padded room together with nothing else to do.  The farm needed workers, and, in a year like this, sometimes the Goddess needed a couple brought to her side to help them.  Nobody spoke of that, of course, like a pile of other things that nobody spoke of, but it still happened.

read on...

Side Quest 22 and 21

Oct. 11th, 2017 09:43 am
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Twenty-Two: Lost and Found

“Why her?” The Diamond Raven shifted so he was standing almost between Raizel and the Left Hand. “Why this stranger on the street?”
“Because she’s not a stranger, is she? She’s the one that everyone’s been muttering about. She’s got you, which is interesting in and of itself. She’s made it through some pretty strange things, and I just saw the two of you put off a deserter, and almost nobody has managed that. He’s been following people around and sticking to their sides like burrs. And yet he wanted you, when he wanted nobody else, and while he was there, something magical answered your question, which I’ve never seen happen before.”

Read on...

Twenty-One: Pssst

“I don’t think she really wants the kitten gone,” the Diamond Raven commented, when they were out the gate and on another road.  “And I don’t blame her.”
“It’s pretty cute, isn’t it?”  She looked down at it, and it looked up at her and mewled.  “I bet it’s terrified.  All this being moved around by people bigger than it-”
“Empathizing?” the Diamond Raven chuckled.  “Sounds like your life.  Or, come to think about it, mine.”  He touched the gold lasso around his neck lightly.  “I’m pretty tossed around, too.  And even in the same way.  Can I hold it?”

Read on...


Patreon Posts!

Oct. 11th, 2017 09:05 am
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Okay, so I was playing around with a roleplay with Cal and Cynara decided to build herself a castle. Well, a play castle, this is ~8×8 with a tower; it’s a shed-sized castle. 

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The poll has spoken!

The walls between the worlds are thin in October, especially as Hallowe’en approaches.  It’s easier to step between universes – or to slip and fall down a rabbit-hole you were never expecting.

This month’s theme is Crossovers –  those slips, those falls, those determined steps into another world.

Open to $5+ “To-do List” Patrons!

I mentioned a story about renovations…


The renovations started in June.

They closed on the house in October — Judy had a feeling about the place; Steve thought it had good bones — and lived with the ugly panelling, the wonky ceilings, the strange toilet all winter long.

As soon as the weather was consistently warm, down came the hideous paneling.

Read On!

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Interlude: Halfbreed Changes

Bonus Meta Week! This week we will be taking a break from our scheduled interludes to present some fae-related metatext.

The genetics of inheritance of Ellehemaei are, at best, poorly understood – that is after all a primary motivation behind the creation of the Addergoole school. What combinations create what kinds of halfbreeds? What causes an individual to express as a halfbreed, rather than a pureblood? And so on and so forth.

read on: http://www.addergoole.com/gs/interlibris-2-3/interlude-halfbreed-changes/

Interlude: Abaddon 3

Abaddon had put it off as long as he could. He had come up with excuse after excuse, but the problem was, Gennie knew why he’d gone to talk to Professor Sakamato, and she wanted to know the answer. The longer he put it off, the more suspicious she got.

“You know, you don’t look like you could be Japanese,” she was trying this time. “But if he was your father, that would explain why they all sent you to him to talk about it.”

read on: http://www.addergoole.com/gs/story/interlude-abaddon-3/

The Hidden Mall: Liv, Liv, Liv

Oct. 9th, 2017 01:36 pm
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Oh was exactly what Abigail didn’t want to hear. She pulled clean-Liv towards the fountain, biting her lip, wishing she had a weapon, any sort of weapon, even a fork.

How had Liv gotten so far away? How had she let Liv get so far away?

This Liv didn’t listen to her, and the one whose hand she was holding was trying to get away, and – “I am not cut out to be the responsible friend,” Abigail muttered. She shoved aside a clothing rack and hauled Liv in toward the fountain.

Dirty-Liv was naked, in the fountain, which was easily deep enough to serve as a bath, and she was staring at –

At Liv.


Read On

Departing for new beginnings

Oct. 8th, 2017 02:10 pm
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Spent yesterday huddling inside nursing a mild cold while rain lashed the windows. Skuld, amazing partner that she is, cooked one of my favorite dishes for dinner (chaliapin steak don from Food Wars), gave me lots of snuggles, and watched many episodes of The Good Place with me.

I tried putting off packing, as if that would somehow change the inevitable departure today, but in the end Skuld not only cheerleaded me into that, but also applied her amazing YouTube-trained skills in space-saving packing. (Which is basically magic! I had an overflowing pile in my suitcase, and she folded it into a bundle that left plenty of space over around it for other items...)

But yes today is Inevitable Departure Day. My cold is even milder than yesterday, and the sun has been shining enough that I turned the jaunt to the station to pick up train tickets in advance into a short run... which left me more exhausted than usual. So maybe it was wise to stay inside yesterday even before the rain bore down.

I'm starting my new job tomorrow. Tomorrow. At 8.30am I am meeting my new boss for the first time in person. NEW BOSS. NEW JOB. NEW COLLEAGUES. NEW TOWN. Not quite new flat yet because I have to stay in two consecutive AirBnBs before I can start moving in to our flat, but there's a LOT of new stuff happening and I am excited and terrified (so many new people) and also really sad because I hate being separated from my wife. Even if it's just for five days now, it's going to be forty days next time. And that's just too long. I know because we were long distance for a couple of years, and I remember how much I missed her every single day. And now I'll have the cats to miss, too.

But hey. Library job! And Skuld has a new job lined up, and her immigration paperwork is all approved, and once November is over everything will be great. Stressful and dark, but we will be together, and we will have a new flat, and the cats will come with us to start this new life.

So all I have to do is hang in there and not get overwhelmed by a week full of one-on-one induction meetings, recharge during my ten days back in Cambridge, and then grit my teeth and power through the end of October and November.

It's going to be okay.

It's going to be fantastic.

I might cry a lot first, but I think it will be worth it.
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So, computers operate on planned obsolescence. Unlike a washing machine or stove (a good one of those is designed to last for at least a decade), computers are designed to fail after a few years. And that’s not a bad thing—we’re still making enough advances in computer technology, both hardware and software, and in how we use computers in our lives, that after a few years, a computer doesn’t do what most people want it to do. So for most of us, it doesn’t make sense to pay five times as much to have higher-quality materials and workmanship and have the thing last four times as long.

Knowing that, when my now-old computer started acting up earlier this year, I got a new one. They did eventually manage to fix the old one, but still, I don’t want to trust it with my writing. And I like the new keyboard better.

The thing is, where the old computer had a poor connection to our wifi in my office (which was OK, waiting for stuff to load gave me time to get bored with the unnecessary distractions on the internet and return to writing), the new one just doesn’t connect at all. So every time I’ve wanted to research something or consider submitting things or check e-mail or anything, I’m back in the room with the TV.

Now, in general I can write with the TV on in the background. One story was written mostly with reruns of Criminal Minds as the background soundtrack—some channel was doing a binge. I’d seen them all, mostly more than once, so I could tune in and out pretty seamlessly, and just enjoy the tone of the characters’ voices in the background for a lot of it. It made my partner nuts, though, that she could come in and ask a question about the show, and it became clear to her that I hadn’t even been aware when one episode ended and the next began. Even though I was mostly ignoring it, it seemed to me that the pacing was somehow helping me keep focused on moving the story forward.

But I clearly cannot do productive writing while tracking current events that threaten stuff like my health care or reports on hate crimes against people like me. Nor can I write while watching a new show that I like, one where I want to actually follow the plot, or a show like Face Off where I want to actually look at the TV screen. So sitting in the room where we have the cable coming in just isn’t working for me. And sitting in the office, with no internet at all—well, though I’ve heard it recommended as a way to increase productivity, it isn’t working for me. I can’t research, I can’t read writers’ blogs for inspiration (or to feel challenged/ashamed/inspired by their word counts), I can’t do word wars, I can’t put on Pandora and listen to music chosen specifically as a mood-setter for the story, I can’t submit stuff, and so on. I can’t do mindless noodling-games while I consider how to fix plot holes and the like. I can’t even bribe myself with sites like Written Kitten (once I get going, those things are not a good distraction, but sometimes they can get me moving when other tricks don’t).

It’s all part of my current focus on boundaries and sacred space. They don’t mean the same thing to everyone—and doesn’t mean the same thing even to me all the time. I have, in the past, been able to write while news is on—but then we had a President who was working hard for the interests of people like me. For me the “no internet” boundary that so many people suggest isn’t functional, but I need to be able to curate the internet and other media in ways that help to inspire me and help me to stay focused. And it’s very clear to me that right now, that means getting out of earshot of the news for a while every single day.

So I’d determined that the modem needed to move, but not gone out and bought the very long co-ax cable I’d need, and then fate kindly intervened. We had an issue with the cable signal (it was making both TV and internet cut out briefly at the most irritating times) and they sent out a tech. So, while he was here, I asked for a longer co-ax cable so I could move the modem into the hallway, where it will be a few feet further from my computer if I’m in the TV room, but almost 20 feet closer to the office. If I’d called them to ask them to send a tech to move the modem, that would have cost money—but him coming out to fix a service issue, that is already part of what I pay for. He left me a cord, since replacing old cords is also free, if they happen to be here anyway.

So, this morning, I got up and cleaned off the tall bookshelf I plan to put it on. Then I’ll snake the cord up through the (ugly) drop ceiling (I want to just fix the plaster ceiling and get rid of that thing, but I have lots of higher-priority stuff to attend to first) and drop it down and through the doorway to get to the bookshelf, and I can move the modem! (My partner wants to drill a hole in the wall up above the door so we’ll be able to shut the door, but since we never shut that door anyway, that’s another project that is low priority. Unless while we’re stringing the cord through the ceiling, she gets the drill and just does it. I’m good with using the doorway.)

And then, moving the modem itself can be accomplished, and the circle of internet will cover the house more properly, and there will be much celebration. At least, I will celebrate.

Hah—I wrote all this and didn’t hit “post”, so if you can read this, all this work did what it was supposed to, since I just moved the modem.

Finally, readings are still open, if you want one, head over here.  You can also share your thoughts about Patreon over there, or here if you prefer.  But if you want a reading, please head over there.  Thanks!

September Kitty Pic Post <3

Oct. 7th, 2017 12:07 pm
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It's 2017, so of course it's been A Week. Again.

It's also been more than a month since my last kitty pic roundup! So here to insert some fluff and silliness on your dash are Meenie and Nora.

20170930_151204 IMG_20170928_225311_353 IMG_20170925_205617_686 IMG_20170923_220854_643

All cats, all the time )

I love these little cats so much. ♥ They are bringers of joy and silliness; they improve my mood; they make me feel less lonely when I'm home alone. And they are absolute miracles: after I developed cat allergies I was devastated that I had to give up my dream of adopting a cat... But then I found LaPerms, and while we did get them from a breeder rather than a shelter I can hold them in my arms without as much as a sneeze. I can rest my head against their warm bodies and kiss their little furry heads without choking up, or my eyes swelling shut, or rashes all over my skin.

Expanding our family by two furry critters is the second best decision we've ever made. (The best was to get married. ♥)


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