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Feb. 21st, 2019 07:26 pm
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Dear internets: I am 100% fine I am just writing A LOT for work right now (this is actually very good, we did a thing and it's probably a big deal? so I do actually have to get off my ass and publish except I'm a single mom with a demanding job so finding writing time when I'm not, like, stressing about stupid shit and can therefore focus enough to Do A Science is super hard) and also doing a heavy editorial pass on a massive document that WAS getting written by someone who turned out to be fairly bad at writing and much worse at taking editorial feedback and has thus been pulled off the project. Which means my boss went back through the document and everywhere I'd left friendly little margin notes about how the writer needed to clarify the legal context here or explain the process better there, she's left little response notes saying things like, "Great idea! Write it!"

Okay, boss, okay, just because I'm on the far side of about 6,000 words worth of technical writing in the last week is no reason I can't also unfuck this document, you're right that this is my actual wheelhouse, okay, yes. Off I go.

So I am kind of running short on words!

Also one of my cousins was a butt about something on FB and I had one of those if I stick around these here internets I am going to light things on fire moments.

Since this does not actually constitute healthy self-care, I set the computer down Friday night before I said something regrettable and holed up and did work stuff and made curry and read novels and visited with friends for a week instead.

Anyhow: I am almost caught up on the October Daye novels (I was about four or five behind and yes I still find the entire Irish Elves On The West Coast thing conceptually troubling but they don't require much mental processing power, which is good when that's not a thing I have going spare) and I read the new P. Djeli Clark novella about the haunted tram car in Cairo (recommended) and reread The Forgotten Beasts of Eld (how was she already THAT GOOD when she had just started? sheeyit) and some of the bullet journal method book (wow it wasn't formatted well for ebook) and a book about interpreting natural signs and...oh, probably some other stuff, too.

The city has mostly thawed out, we have these vile heaps of sooty snow sitting around in the gutters but with any luck that'll be gone by the weekend. Oh February.

Funerary Rites 41

Feb. 20th, 2019 06:43 pm
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The ride back was tense.  Nobody spoke a whole lot, except Allayne, murmuring quietly over the wound in Erramun's back, pulling out the bullet and healing the muscle and sinew and skin.  Ezer muttered at traffic, Chitter muttered at her cameras - including the tiny button camera and mic Senga had planted in the desk, including the one Erramun had planted on a pillar, including the clever little skimmer they'd managed to get on the guards' computer.  Erramun was silent as his name.
Senga was steaming with anger and twitching with worry and said nothing at all.  She held Erramun's hand, even though he obviously didn't need it, and the way that his fingers traced over the back of hers told her that he knew, too, that she needed it.
"There," Allayne breathed.  They were nearly to the garage.  "All better. Damn, are you telling me you don't have a Man of Steel Working in your repertoire?"

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Feb. 19th, 2019 08:35 pm
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Work has been pretty slow recently, and meanwhile I am having such a good time having fannish conversations on Twitter (this is new and I like it a lot) and finding gems on Tumblr and writing (thinking about writing and editing writing and writing-writing) and trying to keep up with Dreamwidth and also there's such good fic out there and--

Yeah. There's a lot of not-work things grabbing my attention while I'm at work, and though there's no official policy against this and nobody minds what we do in our offices or at the information desk as long as work gets done, I was developing a bit of a phone problem.

As in, checking it every minute or so. Which is too much. I looked at apps to fix this (I tried willpower, it didn't work), and there's a bunch that track your usage and lock you out of your phone or shut down your internet and that's... definitely a very effective solution.

But then I found Forest.


And it's perfect for me! It's super flexible: you plant a tree, and give it 10-120 minutes to grow. The longer the growing time, the bigger the tree gets. And if you interrupt its growth by using Forbidden Apps (the paid version has a whitelist) the tree withers and dies. NOOO. How could I kill a struggling little sprout? I couldn't.

It has improved my habits enormously and I've only had it for five days. And I've already unlocked two new types of tree and my forest (you can see your daily, weekly and monthly collection of trees) is looking quite verdant. Not a single withered tree in sight!

Bonus: it comes with a Chrome extension you can sync to your account, so you get extra trees for avoiding stuff online on your computer as well as on your phone! :D

In fact, I'd better go plant a tree right now, because I am getting distracted by Forbidden Sites YouTube and Twitter when I should be focusing on my Google docs and Gmail.

Y'all, Y'all!!!

Feb. 18th, 2019 06:06 pm
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[personal profile] inkpaws made THE MOST AMAZING things for me!!!!!!

Run don't walk to check out this amazing Dick/Roy art!!!

There're two versions, playing with Roy's haircuts, and I just.



Free Solo

Feb. 17th, 2019 09:20 pm
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[personal profile] doctorskuld and I just finished watching the Free Solo documentary, and I am still kind of shaking. By the end of it I had cold sweat everywhere, tears in my eyes, and was totally grinning.

What a fantastic film.

This is the trailer:

It's... something else. The way it goes into the personal as well as the professional (the climbing), and how the film acknowledges the emotional toll it takes on the crew (who are also Alex's friends) to know they might watch him take the fall that kills him... damn. I think I exclaimed "JESUS ALEX" a good two dozen times, with some "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST" thrown in for good measure. (For context: I am terrified of heights. I've done some bouldering, I'm not very good at it, and sometimes I get to the top of the rock wall and my entire body is shaking and my brain is just screaming "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE".)

(It wasn't shown in theaters here, so we did the next best thing - built a pillow nest right in front of our rather large TV at home. It wasn't quite IMAX, but it was plenty enough for me.)

My emotions I think can accurately be summed up by the icon of this cat looking terrified as it clings on to a tree.

If you're curious to see more, [personal profile] rydra_wong just posted an clip from the movie here. For more coherent takes I recommend [personal profile] rydra_wong's review/content advisory and/or advertisement here and [personal profile] rachelmanija's review here

Month of Letters and Stationery!

Feb. 17th, 2019 07:35 pm
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I'm still doing LetterMo (and InCoWriMo)!  As of today I have mailed out 22 letters/postcards/cards (with one ready to go in the mail), received 3 replies and one letter-not-a-reply, and drawn castles, maps, lava, clouds, and barns.

I've talked about the weather a lot, Ithaca, winter activities, and whatever else came to mind - including often the paper or card I was writing on.

And Friday and today, as a reward for finishing my work self-evaluation and then for getting the taxes done and sent, I bought a bunch of stationery. 

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On the right track

Feb. 15th, 2019 11:39 pm
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Went for the first jog of the year today - it was freezing cold, and foggy, and the sun had just set.

Not... ideal. But if I wait for ideal circumstances I am never going to exercise again.

Anyway. I took it slow, and just did the terrible (very useful, but still terrible) floodlit path through the VERY HILLY forest. And I had upbeat Japanese rock playing in my headphones which is the only reason I didn't freak out and run all the way back home after entering the super creepy woods. (I mean. I love a good moody day! But this was a lot, even for me.)


More dark woods under the cut )

And that was my run. A tiny bit over 3k, and I did walk up all the hills (so many hills), but I was outside and I did a thing so that's what counts.

Guardian fanartists on Tumblr

Feb. 14th, 2019 09:54 pm
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Guardian fandom has some amazing artists. I follow a bunch on Tumblr, and it is always such a delight when they post something new. I figured I'd put together a quick rec post for anyone who wants to go over there and give these wonderfully talented people some love. ♥

[Breeze Wong] Fantastic style - extremely expressive. Breeze Wong draws WeiLan, Bai Yu, Zhu Yilong and novelverse.

[Berry Muffin] Super beautiful and expressive black and white pieces. Berry Muffin draws WeiLan, ChuGuo and Da Qing as a cat (and a human!). Crossposting as [wielka_mi_mecyja] on AO3.

[Lovelyplant] Wonderfully realistic paintings. Lots of Shen Wei and Zhu Yilong, with some Zhao Yunlan as well. CW: blood. (It is Guardian, after all.)

[Macriley123] is fantastically prolific, and draws WeiLan and Ye Zun. Includes a couple of comics I'd love translations for...!

[Marmaladica] Absolutely ethereal art. Posts more on AO3 than Tumblr (including an illustration to this very hot fic).

[Flolesswest] Everything from photo realism to chibis - WeiLan, Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu.

[Gnine]... has sadly only drawn one chibi comic so far but it's adorable. Also: Zhu Yilong.

[VD Dante] has posted a series of amazing WeiLan kisses. (In particular Kunlun and Xiao Wei kisses.) Get them now before Tumblr bans them!

[Yuko27] Gorgeous portraits in lovely, soft colors. WeiLan, Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu content.

[Benelockee] Such amazing portraits! Lots of Zhu Yilong, but also WeiLan and Bai Yu.

[Shekihan] Really beautiful and detailed paintings of WeiLan - including AU versions with the actors' other characters.

Finally, a couple of artists who've only done a single Guardian piece each, as far as I've been able to find, but they are gorgeous and shouldn't be missed:

[Silverink58] Weilan! ♥
[Awildawa] Terribly sad Little Ghost King from the novel.
[Port of Zelda] Novelverse cast illustration.
[Youremyfanart] Weilan from a scene in the drama.

The Visit

Feb. 14th, 2019 06:33 pm
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He could have had any man or woman in the whole nation — probably in several of the adjacent nations as well. He was a brilliant man,a dashing pirate, and his airship was one of the finest known to navy nor fleet. He was a folk hero the likes of which had not come since Dywin Talizen in the age of stories and myths.

And his airship had ducked in, dodging the royal navy ships and the cannons, to visit a political prisoner in a quiet exile in a mountainous corner. He had brought her a rose, the sort of gift that fit the stories, risking everything for a romantic gesture.

He couldn’t stay long; he couldn’t even risk a kiss, even if she would have accepted it. But he brought her a rose.

And he brought her a key.

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V-day prompts!

Feb. 14th, 2019 01:45 pm
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Today I think I would like prompts for microfic on couples, romance, and slash, please.

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Excited for Chocolate Box fics dropping today!

Also slightly bummed I couldn't get my creativity in gear to write anything for Chocolate Box this year. It's what kick-started the Great Writening of 2018, so I was hoping that might have set a trend. Alas, no. (On the other hand I did post four other things in the Chocobox writing period, so.)

Very interesting what makes my creativity come and go - I will probably never figure it out fully, but I feel I'm learning my way around it a bit more? Maybe?
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I would like to schedule my creativity so that it doesn't happen either



b) 30 minutes before bedtime

This post brought to you by Oh no it's 11pm again, and the knowledge that my prose gets really dodgy when I'm this tired. (And I'm this tired because I keep staying up late because that's when creativity happens.)

...on the other hand I am now writing again, after spending February moping at a certain lack of inspiration?

(The trick is: I am writing for myself, not to post. I think I might be writing something I can post, but for now I'm just indulging myself. Also entertaining [personal profile] xparrot, which is always good!)

And yesterday I realized what is now my penultimate WIP chapter was missing a very important scene, thanks to some of the fabulous comments I've received along the way. Not one comment in particular, but just - lots of little things in the feedback I've been getting? Because I can never experience my story as a reader would, and it's so valuable to get that perspective on it. So: very grateful to those who have taken time to engage with my writing. ♥
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This month — as I did 2 years ago — I am participating in A Month of Letters / International Correspondence Writing Month.

The goals of these two remarkably similar things are, respectively:

Mail something every day the post runs in February; reply to every letter you get.
handwrite a l

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Well, it's been a long, cold weekend, followed by an exceptionally snowy Monday...I think this is the most snow we've ever had all in one batch anywhere I've lived. We got up to 18" by about six p.m., and that's since Friday. While this is not much snow for, say, Minnesota, it's a great deal for the Puget lowlands, a place where people typically live because they enjoy not living in, say, Minnesota.

Are you ALSO snowed in, or otherwise experiencing a life circumstance in which you would benefit from something cheerful?

Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint story "The Duke of Riverside" is reprinted in this month's Uncanny Magazine. Spoilers for the novel but it's been out for twenty-plus years so you've probably already read it.

First Dog on the Moon has some things that are nice. Pretty much what it says on the tin, made me smile.

Finally, this isn't exactly cheering as such, but it's a sweet story about a guy whose parents really only understood about his online life after his death, when his Warcraft guild showed up for his funeral, and how discovering his life has made it easier for them to cope with losing their son.

ETA: OK one more, this is a film about a Norwegian girl who learns to dance a traditional Norwegian men's dance because her grandfather used to be the national champion and he's dying. Look it sounds depressing but really it's very sweet.
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‘Via’s stuff turned out to be in a record shop a few rooms down.  She had her own nest there, but it looked more like a hovel or a hut than a comfortable place to stay.  She muttered something that sounded almost like an apology, but Abby really wasn’t listening. She had caught sight of the people on one of the record sleeves.  ‘Via was right. She didn’t want to know what the rabbit-them looked like.

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Guardian: a post about cars

Feb. 11th, 2019 01:53 pm
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I know nothing about cars, but my wife wrote over 40k Fast & Furious x Ace Attorney crossover, and loves knowing stuff about cars.

I have called upon her expertise to identify Zhao Yunlan's monstrosity of a vehicle, and the short version is that it's a modified Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

More info - including an observation on Dragon City license plates - behind the cut, because I am not clogging up everyone's reading lists with pictures of cars (you're welcome).

The SID cars )

From [personal profile] trobadora, some extra reading: the Wikipedia article on Chinese registration plates.

Unfortunately my local car expert knows nothing about motorbikes, but if someone wants to write something about Zhao Yunlan's ride I'd be all ears!

Trope meme~

Feb. 10th, 2019 03:21 pm
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From most of my circle: trope sorting meme! (Do your own sorting here.)

Some commentary - I've crossed out those tropes that I will usually avoid if I see in a fic, though I can always be convinced by a particularly good writer...

1 Found Families: ♥♥♥
1 Loyalty Kink: YES PLEASE I cannot have enough of this
3 Enemies to Friends to Lovers: I... have no idea why this is so high up on the list but sure why not.
3 Seemingly Unrequited Pining: I blame Guardian for this! I swear I had no interest in it before I am such a sucker for both of them pining for each other?
3 Hurt/Comfort: ♥♥♥
6 Amnesia Fic: Presumed dead wasn't listed so I'm filing it here? Anything where you think something/someone important is lost forever. (But then it isn't because what am I a monster?)
7 Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings: Again not a trope I ever went for before Guardian but LOOK.
7 Soulmate Identifying Marks (Tattoo, Red Thread of Fate, etc)
7 Characters Swap Roles AU (I don't mean in the bedroom): ??? this is a thing
10 'Groundhog Day'/Karmic Time Loop: Sure why not?
10 Reincarnation/'25 Lives' AU: I am here for ALLLL the reincarnation and have been since Saiyuuki.

The rest below the cut )


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