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I have a fantasy novella in Big Damn Heroines, a small-press SF/fantasy erotic anthology released today from Storm Moon Press celebrating "plus-sized women kicking ass". It's under my romance/erotica alias, Layla M. Wier, which I clearly suck at keeping separate from my Layla Lawlor author identity, i.e. my real name. (Probably I should just give up.)

Anyway, my story is called "Finder's Keeper":

Cat can find anything that’s been lost, from personal items to missing people. The one lost thing she can’t seem to find is herself. She scrapes out a meager living in the poor district of her walled desert city, until a friend and lover from her past, Mirsagh, comes to seek Cat’s help. As the two women journey into the desert in search of a missing merchant’s son, Cat will find herself pushed to the limits of her physical and mental strength, and forced to confront feelings for Mirsagh she thought she’d left behind years ago. But none of that will matter if neither of them makes it out alive …

Right now the anthology can only be purchased through Storm Moon Press's website. Most of their other titles are available from Amazon, etc, so I hope this one will be soon. :)
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Contributor copies of Sword & Sorceress 27!

Available on Amazon or on B&N.

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I am remiss in announcing this, but Sword & Sorceress 27 is available now! This fantasy anthology includes my story “Netcasters”, in which a thief attempts to steal a few small valuables from a village of seemingly simple fisherfolk, and gets a lot more than she bargained for when she stumbles upon their magical secret. Here’s its Goodreads page (no reviews yet). If you read it, let me know what you think!

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Author Jonathan Moeller is very kindly interviewing participants in this year’s SWORD & SORCERESS anthology (he has also done the past few year’s authors as well). My interview is up today:

You can read an excerpt from my story, “Netcasters”; I also talk about writing a bit.

I asked Jonathan if he would like to do a reciprocal interview for me, and he was quite prompt at getting me the answers back! So here are Jonathan’s answers to my questions:

1. Please tell us a little about yourself and your books.

My name is Jonathan Moeller, and I write both sword-and-sorcery books and nonfiction books about computers. My most popular books are the five in the DEMONSOULED series, about the wandering knight Mazael Cravenlock, and THE UBUNTU BEGINNER’S GUIDE.
Interview continues under cut )

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