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[ profile] polarbee has more pictures of this year's Regatta with entertaining commentary. May I also direct you to her write-up on the 2005 race, which Orion and I missed due to being in Europe at the time. But the "boat" (which was a couple of dogsleds and teams of Huskies) looked awesome! Ironically, we could have really *used* the fast river current this year that caused so many problems in 2005.
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This weekend was the annual Red Green Regatta on the Chena River here in Fairbanks. The website probably gives a better overview of the contest than I could, as does their list of rules, which are (so far as I know) the ONLY rules for the contest. The "All entrants assume responsibility for any calamity caused by their entry" line is especially telling, as is the line after that one. ("Removal of vessels from the river is the responsibility of the Captain.")

You know you're in for it when you enter a contest that includes the word "calamity" in its official rules.

Last year we built a floating roof, which nearly scuttled itself several times downstream of the Pioneer Park boat launch. This year, we set out to build a "life" size Loch Ness monster. It ended up about 130 feet long and was floated entirely by Rubbermaid tote containers.

I didn't have a camera with me on the river this time, nor did Orion, due to our absolute conviction that we were going to sink. However, Orion's parents showed up for the fun, and got some nice pictures of us going down the river.

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Sooo ... we got our picture in the paper on Monday for floating down the river on a rooftop this weekend. Here's the News-Miner article (minus picture, but I have some of my own, under the cut).

All in all, it's a nice write-up, though I am amused that the article refers to us as a "tribute to FEMA" when it's kind of ... the opposite.

(On a completely unrelated-to-FEMA side note, in that same local-interest news roundup, if you scroll down past the boat race stuff to the item on the Emmy nomination -- I know that guy. Ben Grossmann -- his name's misspelled in the article -- was a friend of mine in college. He was one of those people who you meet and think "This guy's going places" ... so I'm not surprised to see his work's been nominated for a visual f/x Emmy. Still cool though. I know somebody who's nominated for an Emmy award! EEEE! Go Ben! Okay, this has been your fangirl moment.)

Anyway, back to the boat ...

Still Waiting for FEMA )

EDIT: Oh, and here's somebody else's more comprehensive pictures of the event, as well. (Scroll all the way down to see us on our rooftop, along with their comments about us.)


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