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Well, I guess I'm a little behind posting a notification, but Sun-Cutter page 51 is up!

I've also been a busy bee on the site updates! There is now an RSS feed and Disqus comments are now on the main front page as well as in the archives.

I'm also in the process of adding a forum to the site. Around here we party like it's 2002! \o/ No, seriously … what made me decide to do this, or at least to TRY this, was coming across some really old Kismet development art that I would like to share with people, and realizing that I had no idea where to post it so that it could be seen and discussed. LJ would probably work, but I don't know if it's the best place to get an active discussion going. And I like the idea of having some kind of central discussion area. The advantage to a forum is that anyone can start a topic and we can talk about things other than Kismet. It might just wither away, but I would like to give it a try, at least. (Unless someone has a better idea? Which I am quite open to! Kismet also has a presence on tumblr and on Facebook, but neither of those are particularly active … which is my fault, I know, and I want to work on developing both of those, but there is also something appealing about going old-school for awhile.)
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Sun-Cutter Page 42

Next week's page may be a day or two late (or early!) due to travel. After that my schedule ought to stabilize.
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Sun-Cutter: Page 41

Sincere apologies for the late update -- I was traveling and couldn't update! Since this may continue to be a problem throughout October, I might set up automatic updates somewhere that I CAN schedule updates (such as LJ or Tumblr) and then update the website when possible …

However, I'm home at the moment! This page is the start of the scene that was originally going to be the opening scene of the graphic novel, until I rearranged things a bit. And for Patreon supporters, your rewards will go live in a couple of days. :) :)
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A little late getting the page up this week due to lack of reliable Internet - sorry! (Updates will probably waffle around the Sunday-to-Monday vicinity through the end of October due to travel and corresponding issues with getting Internet access at the precise time I need to update the comic, but will settle down thereafter.)

Sun-Cutter: Page 40

I realized re-reading the page that the flow of the word balloons might be a bit confusing on this one. Let me know if you find it so, and I'll see about rearranging it before the whole thing goes to graphic novel.


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