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It's SNOWING. On the 12th of May! I'd like to file a complaint with the weather, please...
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30 below? W? T? F? In January it was above freezing, and now it's 30 below?

I mean, yes, yes, this is theoretically possible, and since I've been in Fairbanks (middle 1990s) I remember getting -30 spells in March. But that was coming on the heels of winters where you'd get a month of -40 around Christmas. This is just weird.

Heat wave

Feb. 5th, 2007 10:24 pm
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The weather continues to be odd ... According to Weather Underground, it's 0F in Fairbanks right now ... but our thermometer reads 22F, 10 miles to the north. A warm wind moved in this evening; it feels incredibly warm out there right now, even though the sky is clear.

Despite having a cold and feeling like eeegh, I got my goals for today finished (one Freebird inked, another penciled). Tomorrow's plan: ink a Freebird and clean my "studio" ... assuming I have enough energy for it. I hope it stays warm. The weather report is "meh" on that subject, but it's already considerably warmer than it was supposed to be tonight, so maybe we'll be lucky. It'll be above zero at the very least, and any day above zero is a good day in February.

I'm trying to be good and not laugh at the Lower 48 people and their "cold snap". The thing is, I *know* extreme weather is a shock when you're not used to dealing with it. Orion points out that Alaskans wouldn't handle a 110-degree heat wave any better than Ohio seems to be handling 5 degrees.


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