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Well, hello there, rarely updated DW/LJ!

I am stopping by to announce, for any of you who don't already follow me on Facebook, Twitter, etc, that I am running a Kismet: Hunter's Moon kickstarter!

You can get the book for as little as $5 (digital) or get the print copy for $25 (b&w) or $45 (color), plus additional books and art at higher levels. Visit the link to see all the options! We are past the 2/3 mark, with 9 days to go!

If we make it to the stretch goals, there will be a print book of the Kismet side comics, additional backup stories, and other goodies.

We can do it! \o/
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Kismet has a new home for updates:

The old site will remain up, but the comic will no longer update weekly there. (Though I'll still be updating it as a perma-archive in batches of pages every few months.)

The reason for the move is because I needed somewhere I could schedule automated updates rather than having to update the comic manually each week. This means fewer missed updates for you, and easier updating for me!

The new site uses Disqus comments, like the old one, and the overall look is similar. You shouldn't notice too many differences. The only major difference is that I'm now including text transcripts below each comic, for anyone who has trouble reading the words on the image.

And this week's page IS up, fyi!
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Status of the Kismet Page-a-Thon:


5 pages of 12.


5 pages of 12.

Scanned/Cleaned up/Lettered:

0 pages of 12.


0 pages of 12.

I still know there's no way I'm going to actually manage this many pages in one week. Plus, I jumped ahead and did an easy scene first, so it'll slow down as I get back into the Galleria stuff. But I'm making good progress so far!

I also posted some Kismet things on Tumblr:
Some thoughts on Linton's sense of identity
A short Sagan fiction snippet
A brief fic with Stella & Morphine

(The latter two are part of a new project I'm trying for awhile, writing little text snippets featuring randomly generated characters. I'll do a proper roundup post eventually.)
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I'm slipping farther and farther behind on my Kismet page buffer, so this week is gonna be a Kismet Page-A-Thon. One of my goals for May is to get pages done through the end of summer (since June and July, at the very least, are usually too busy to get anything done Kismet-wise), so I'm gonna put that up as my week's goal and see how much of it I can get done. I know I won't manage it all - I'll be over the moon if I can just get the penciling/inking part done - but let's see how it goes, shall we? I got two pages penciled and inked today, so that's excellent progess!


2 pages of 12.


2 pages of 12.

Scanned/Cleaned up/Lettered:

0 pages of 12.


0 pages of 12.

I also posted an old Telulah Hawkins text snippet on Tumblr (something I came across while going through old AppleWorks files). I'm going to be putting more Kismet stuff up on the Tumblr this month, but I'll always link from here (possibly in batches, if I end up posting a LOT).
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If the split-screen page effect is weird and hard to follow, let me know! I thought about doing the two scenes separately, but then decided to run them side by side. (A layout decision which probably made more sense when I originally drew these pages, at which point the narration went straight from the split-screen introductory shot of Linton and Signy to this page. The dream sequence was added a bit later.)
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The May rewards package for the $5+ backers has been uploaded. This month is material from the sketchbook: character designs and so forth.

I've also gone back and made the first couple of rewards packages for last year free to everybody, so you can see what kind of stuff I put in these - here are October and November of last year. I'm not going to be doing this every time, but I figured free samples are nice, so you can see what you're getting, right?

Also, if you are a Patreon backer and you haven't already, stop by my activity feed - there is a question for you there! [ profile] allanh had the AMAZING idea of sneakily working Patreon backers' names into the business names in the upcoming Galleria crowd scene. And so I shall. :D So you need to tell me if you have a preference - if you'd rather have your name on a flower shop or a gun store, for example! (Or if you'd rather be included as, say, a busker in the background, or a guy riding a unicycle - I can do that too.)

If you read Kismet and the idea of being immortalized in the comic sounds like fun, but you aren't a Patreon backer ... well, there is an easy fix for that! It's $1/month minimum, and you can cancel at any time. I'm doing this for all the backers, not the ones at certain levels, though you do get extra stuff at the higher levels.

Obligatory mention that the comic is free, will always be free, and I don't care at all if people read it without paying - please do! :) The Patreon is just if you want extra stuff and feel like kicking some dollars to me.
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Kismet: Sun-Cutter - Page 56

Now that Kismet has an RSS feed, I created Livejournal and Dreamwidth feeds off of it, which you can subscribe to:

Unfortunately I didn't think to create and test them before updating the feed this week, so I haven't deployed a live RSS update on them yet, but they seem to be working normally. (Well, except for links being doubled on the DW one - it's not doing that on the LJ one, and they're pulling from the same XML file! *baffled* It's not a functional problem, just kind of a weird one.) When you subscribe you may get the last 3 entries in the RSS on your reading page -- at least that's what happened to me ... I think that's just a one-time thing that's happening because I just created the feed and all 3 of those updates read into it at once, and should not happen after the first week. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, these are available to use if you'd like to use them; please let me know if you have any trouble.
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Sun-Cutter: Page 55

The problem I was having with comments last week has been fixed, so comments are working again.

Don't forget there is now a forum, where you can ask questions or post observations about the comic. If anything interesting comes up (like the current Founder's Day thread) I'll periodically pull this sort of thing out and post it.
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The January rewards package has been posted in the Patreon activity feed. See how Signy's redesign is coming along!

(Above: the sneakiest of sneak previews)

The 3-month introductory special is now over, so the rewards package is now available only to the $5+ subscribers, i.e. back to the regular reward tiers. (The last 3 months' rewards will stay unlocked for all subscribers.)

However, you won't miss out because I plan to use the Patreon blog a LOT more in 2015, posting updates of my work in progress, answering questions and whatever else you like. :) I just posted a snapshot of my drawing board this morning, with Page 66 up for penciling! All you need to do is subscribe for at least a buck a month (less than a cup of coffee!) and you'll have access to it.

Handy link to the Kismet patreon!

I've redone the reward levels somewhat. At $50 a month, the comic will pay for itself -- web hosting, software costs, materials costs like pencils and paper, etc. I would really love to get it there in 2015, and when it DOES get there, I'll post a Signy & Jude side story I've been working on that gives a bit more of their shared backstory. I'm also thinking about other goodies for both new and current subscribers (anything new I offer to entice in new people, the current subscribers will also get -- anything else would be unfair!).

What sort of rewards would YOU like to see?
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Er, a Kismet update happened. Which I completely forgot to post about. *shifty look*

In other Kismet-related news, I've decided to add a forum to the website. This came about because I dug up some old comics pages, wanted to post them somewhere for people to look at -- and realized that I have no idea where to put them. On LJ? At the Tumblr, which is terrible for discussion? Feck. Also, I had wanted the comments under the pages to be a discussion zone, but that's not really happening so much. (Not for lack of trying on Rob's part! Thank you, Rob! *waves*)

So I decided that having a central Kismet discussion zone would be nice. It may end up languishing and having very little traffic, but at least it'll give me a place to put stuff, answer questions, and talk about the comic. I'll also link to interesting topics from here/Twitter/etc, as things come up, so you won't miss anything if you rarely check the forum.

At this point, I could use a tester or two to sign up for the forum and help me double-check that everything works. Can you start topics, edit your profiles, and do all the things you should be able to do on a forum? PhpBB has a "newly registered user" category with restricted access, but right now I cannot for the life of me figure out whether new users actually end up there or go into the regular user category (and I may just delete it). In any case, I could use some people to sign up and poke around! Feel free to start new topics anywhere you have access to. I already started a new topic in the Kismet forum just as a test, but the rest of the board is currently vacant ...

ETA: Although, for some reason, is being intermittently difficult to access right now. (It just figures, when I'm trying to set up the forum, it'd do this.) The web host shows no problems and all my other sites load, so I have no idea what's going on. I'll put in a support ticket if it doesn't fix itself soon.
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Well, I guess I'm a little behind posting a notification, but Sun-Cutter page 51 is up!

I've also been a busy bee on the site updates! There is now an RSS feed and Disqus comments are now on the main front page as well as in the archives.

I'm also in the process of adding a forum to the site. Around here we party like it's 2002! \o/ No, seriously … what made me decide to do this, or at least to TRY this, was coming across some really old Kismet development art that I would like to share with people, and realizing that I had no idea where to post it so that it could be seen and discussed. LJ would probably work, but I don't know if it's the best place to get an active discussion going. And I like the idea of having some kind of central discussion area. The advantage to a forum is that anyone can start a topic and we can talk about things other than Kismet. It might just wither away, but I would like to give it a try, at least. (Unless someone has a better idea? Which I am quite open to! Kismet also has a presence on tumblr and on Facebook, but neither of those are particularly active … which is my fault, I know, and I want to work on developing both of those, but there is also something appealing about going old-school for awhile.)
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Sun-Cutter: Page 41

Sincere apologies for the late update -- I was traveling and couldn't update! Since this may continue to be a problem throughout October, I might set up automatic updates somewhere that I CAN schedule updates (such as LJ or Tumblr) and then update the website when possible …

However, I'm home at the moment! This page is the start of the scene that was originally going to be the opening scene of the graphic novel, until I rearranged things a bit. And for Patreon supporters, your rewards will go live in a couple of days. :) :)
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A little late getting the page up this week due to lack of reliable Internet - sorry! (Updates will probably waffle around the Sunday-to-Monday vicinity through the end of October due to travel and corresponding issues with getting Internet access at the precise time I need to update the comic, but will settle down thereafter.)

Sun-Cutter: Page 40

I realized re-reading the page that the flow of the word balloons might be a bit confusing on this one. Let me know if you find it so, and I'll see about rearranging it before the whole thing goes to graphic novel.
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Updating early this week, because my Internet access is highly unreliable right now!

Sun-Cutter: page 39

I also want to apologize for not being around more! When the webcomic came back, I really meant to be much more active and post more content, especially in the Patreon activity feed, but I've spent the last week in the hospital with an ill relative, and will be staying with her 'til at least the end of September. I'm going to try to get some stuff up later this month, but, uh … it's really dependent upon a) time, and b) Internet access, which is pretty uncertain right now.

I'll definitely have the Patreon donation incentives ready for October, though! \o/
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Sun-Cutter page 38

If you like Sun-Cutter, don't forget you can now sponsor it at Patreon! I am curious to see if I can successfully crowdfund the comic this way, but please don't feel as if you have to sponsor it to read it; Kismet will always remain free online.
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It's back, it's back, it's baaaaack! \o/

New pages will update every Monday!

And now I am funding the comic through Patreon! You do not have to donate to read the comic. You do not have to feel guilty for not donating! But if you want to donate, you can pledge as little as $1 per month and get a variety of goodies, ranging from sneak peeks ahead and the ability to vote on upcoming side comics, to books and other swag at higher donation levels.


Or read the comic. That’s great too! I will be announcing page updates here and also on the Kismetcity Tumblr.
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\o/ Tonight I finished coloring the last of the Kismet pages that I have inked/scanned, which means I now have a 31-page buffer (well, it should probably count as 30 pages, since one needs to be a double update). That'll take me 'til the end of March, which I think is adequate assuming I can stay on top of it. At the very least, I know I can update for half a year. However, barring unforeseen circumstances, I am committed to continuous updating until Sun-Cutter is finished, and preferably beyond -- I want to get to the next graphic novel!

Kismet relaunches on Sept. 1. New pages will update on the Sun-Cutter site and will be announced on the Kismet tumblr, this LJ/DW, and … probably other places when I think of them.

I'm not going to be posting the actual pages to LJ/DW anymore (just the announcements), and I'll archive them in batches at Webcomicsnation rather than live-updating them over there. I am uncertain about the future of WCN now that the site's owner has, very sadly, passed on, so I'm no longer considering that a primary archive site. The Kismet comics will remain there as long as the site stays up, but I'm also going to make sure everything is posted somewhere else too.

It's been 12 years since I posted my first Hunter's Moon pages. Hard to believe I've been working on it so long. Hard to believe there is still so much to go!
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In the run-up to restarting Kismet: Sun-Cutter on Sept. 1, I've created a Kismet tumblr and have been posting character bios and bits of information to it. Most of this is getting reblogged over to my regular tumblr as well. Here's what I have thus far.

Worldbuilding stuff
Tertia and Secuba history
Fake memories

Character mini-bios (so far)
Shelley Fleetwood
Jackie Lobo
Signy 12
Linton 95
Elaine Jagir
Colette Novak
Judas Hawkins
Leslie Fleetwood

For my own reference - characters who still need bios, and things I want to write mini-articles on, like the two above.

Under a cut )

Anything else you're curious about? What sort of information might intrigue you enough to check out a new-to-you webcomic?
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I finally have enough of a page buffer that I can announce this: Sun-Cutter will resume updating in August 2014! I'm so thrilled to be working on it again.

The exact nature of when, where, and how it'll update is still to be determined (I'm thinking probably using Wordpress on my website, but I need to look into options -- that's one reason why the relaunch date is still 3 months out). Updates will be announced here, but the main content will be elsewhere.

I've also created a Tumblr for it: I still don't know exactly how I will be using the new tumblr, but my current idea is that it'll be a place for posting art, process sketches, and page announcements. I'll let you know.

Here is the announcement I just posted on Tumblr, with links to all applicable Kismet comics/sites.

Although the comic's main blog presence is probably moving to Tumblr due to the site being more active, this LJ/DW will still be kept active and all my progress on the webcomic will be announced here as well. So stay tuned. :) I will almost certainly be posting some questions here, in future weeks, as I work out how my updates are going to work and how to redesign the Kismet site to be more user-friendly and intuitively organized.

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I think I'm going to try doing it through Patreon.

This is a new service for creators that basically offers an organized way of letting readers "tip" creators for their work. I am committed to keeping all of the Kismet comics available to read online for free (unless I'm forced to do otherwise by circumstances beyond my control), so I will not be locking Sun-Cutter behind a paywall. However, the reason why Sun-Cutter keeps getting pushed back and pushed back is because paying freelance work and fiction that I have a reasonable chance of selling keeps taking priority.

But my ideal has always been to make the comics and get compensated for it somehow, while still keeping them free to read online. I am currently looking into Patreon as a way of doing that. Since I won't be charging for the comics themselves, I will be offering donation incentives like free ebook downloads, reader "cameos" in the backgrounds of crowd scenes, extra pages per week if donations hit certain levels, and so forth. However, you are still entirely welcome to read them for free - the donation levels are just if you want something extra!

I'm still in the very early stages of looking into this and making a plan, so things won't be happening terribly soon, but I've set myself a tentative goal of the end of July to re-launch Sun-Cutter, if I can figure out all the logistics and get a good backlog of pages finished by then. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but the calendar in Kismet is calculated from my birthdate (July 26, 1976) - originally Hunter's Moon took place exactly 500 years in the future (2476), and then when I decided to move it further out and give them a calendar of their own, 2476 became the Year 1 of their new calendar. So the idea of restarting the comic on July 26 has a certain appeal. .... that said, however, I'm not committing 100% to this date because I've broken SO many promises about restarting the comic in the past. I hereby pledge, however, that I will be devoting a lot of time over the next couple of months to working on it and trying to get it restarted.

I also still plan a Hunter's Moon print book, and intend to do a Kickstarter for it, but since it's been so long since HM ended, I want to relaunch Sun-Cutter first to generate some buzz to draw funders to the Kickstarter. That's actually what got me thinking along these lines, because I was working on my long-term goals for the year, and started working backwards from "HM book" to "what do I need to do first" and came up with "relaunch Sun-Cutter and get some readers" as a necessary prerequisite to publishing the HM book.

So that's the plan, you guys. I'll have to see how it goes -- if I can get back into the swing of working on pages, if Patreon works out as I'm hoping, and so forth -- but I'm pretty excited right now!


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