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Layla ([personal profile] layla) wrote2014-05-21 07:52 pm

Kismet is coming back!

I finally have enough of a page buffer that I can announce this: Sun-Cutter will resume updating in August 2014! I'm so thrilled to be working on it again.

The exact nature of when, where, and how it'll update is still to be determined (I'm thinking probably using Wordpress on my website, but I need to look into options -- that's one reason why the relaunch date is still 3 months out). Updates will be announced here, but the main content will be elsewhere.

I've also created a Tumblr for it: I still don't know exactly how I will be using the new tumblr, but my current idea is that it'll be a place for posting art, process sketches, and page announcements. I'll let you know.

Here is the announcement I just posted on Tumblr, with links to all applicable Kismet comics/sites.

Although the comic's main blog presence is probably moving to Tumblr due to the site being more active, this LJ/DW will still be kept active and all my progress on the webcomic will be announced here as well. So stay tuned. :) I will almost certainly be posting some questions here, in future weeks, as I work out how my updates are going to work and how to redesign the Kismet site to be more user-friendly and intuitively organized.

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I think it looks awesome just from the diversity of those characters.
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Re: Yay!

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That expansion of diversity makes me happy. It's good to grow.

Eh, I'm still adding to mine too, although most of the time when something comes up, I realize that I've already written about it. I did make a point of including ethnic and body shape diversity in my superhero series Polychrome Heroics. It's written rather than drawn, but I wanted the visual references. So one thing I did was model some of the superheroes on a set of photos of Olympic athletes showing different body types.