Apr. 6th, 2012

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Before getting into the annotated Raven's Children, I figured I'd make this post to link back to, with some introductory information and a set of standard warnings.

In case you missed the first Raven's Children introductory post or don't wish to read it, the important things to be aware of are these:

Raven's Children is a series of self-published minicomics, plus one final web-only chapter, that I worked on from 2000-2005. It contains mature content (graphic violence, profanity and nudity) as well as material that may be triggering to some (sexual violence, child abuse, animal harm, and in-universe racism and sexism). There isn't really an ending; the story stops at the end of the first story arc, without much resolution, and probably will never be continued. Also, the series clearly demonstrates my learning process as I got the hang of writing and drawing a comic, so the early material is pretty rough and it gets better as it goes along.

I will be talking about my own creative process and the flaws that I now see in the series, including some unconscious racism and sexism on my part. However, this is open to interpretation -- I don't mean to invalidate the experience of those who read the series and liked it! Questions, disagreement and vigorous discussion/debate are encouraged. Also, as I go along, if you feel that I should add anything to this warning post, please let me know.


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