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For some the solstice is an important holiday (and may yours be lovely, if it is part of your faith!) but it tends to pass unremarked in the nonpagan world — unless you’re in the Arctic, where severe annual daylight changes make it impossible not to pay attention to the time of year when daylight hits its nadir and everything starts to get warm again.

Alaska is interesting in that regard because we belong to a larger culture that doesn’t have a tradition of noticing the solstices at all. The solstice, summer or winter, is not a thing in mainstream American culture. But this close to the Arctic Circle, it is definitely an important turning point in the year. Fairbanks has a summer solstice street fair and other events, and the winter one is marked by fireworks, which we went to last night.

My camera doesn’t take great night pictures, so I hedged my bets by resting it on my knee in lieu of a tripod and taking a lot of pictures (with the advantage that I could just enjoy the fireworks without worrying about framing shots). This of course resulted in a lot of fireworks that were mostly out of frame, but some of my pictures came out pretty neat!

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Er, a Kismet update happened. Which I completely forgot to post about. *shifty look*

In other Kismet-related news, I've decided to add a forum to the website. This came about because I dug up some old comics pages, wanted to post them somewhere for people to look at -- and realized that I have no idea where to put them. On LJ? At the Tumblr, which is terrible for discussion? Feck. Also, I had wanted the comments under the pages to be a discussion zone, but that's not really happening so much. (Not for lack of trying on Rob's part! Thank you, Rob! *waves*)

So I decided that having a central Kismet discussion zone would be nice. It may end up languishing and having very little traffic, but at least it'll give me a place to put stuff, answer questions, and talk about the comic. I'll also link to interesting topics from here/Twitter/etc, as things come up, so you won't miss anything if you rarely check the forum.

At this point, I could use a tester or two to sign up for the forum and help me double-check that everything works. Can you start topics, edit your profiles, and do all the things you should be able to do on a forum? PhpBB has a "newly registered user" category with restricted access, but right now I cannot for the life of me figure out whether new users actually end up there or go into the regular user category (and I may just delete it). In any case, I could use some people to sign up and poke around! Feel free to start new topics anywhere you have access to. I already started a new topic in the Kismet forum just as a test, but the rest of the board is currently vacant ...

ETA: Although, for some reason, is being intermittently difficult to access right now. (It just figures, when I'm trying to set up the forum, it'd do this.) The web host shows no problems and all my other sites load, so I have no idea what's going on. I'll put in a support ticket if it doesn't fix itself soon.
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A week before the solstice, this is what sunrise looks like in Fairbanks … at 12:30 p.m.

And this is also as close as the sun will get to our house today. That’s actually the shadow of the hill behind our house, being cast on the hill across the valley.

The trees on top of our hill. This is a little misleading as it’s not actually the sun — it’s diffuse sunlight behind clouds. (Those are also shadowed clouds above the hill in the top picture, not a blue sky.)

Our house, which is really turning into more of a compound now that we have the shop too, all hunkered down beneath the weird wild winter sky.

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Well, I guess I'm a little behind posting a notification, but Sun-Cutter page 51 is up!

I've also been a busy bee on the site updates! There is now an RSS feed and Disqus comments are now on the main front page as well as in the archives.

I'm also in the process of adding a forum to the site. Around here we party like it's 2002! \o/ No, seriously … what made me decide to do this, or at least to TRY this, was coming across some really old Kismet development art that I would like to share with people, and realizing that I had no idea where to post it so that it could be seen and discussed. LJ would probably work, but I don't know if it's the best place to get an active discussion going. And I like the idea of having some kind of central discussion area. The advantage to a forum is that anyone can start a topic and we can talk about things other than Kismet. It might just wither away, but I would like to give it a try, at least. (Unless someone has a better idea? Which I am quite open to! Kismet also has a presence on tumblr and on Facebook, but neither of those are particularly active … which is my fault, I know, and I want to work on developing both of those, but there is also something appealing about going old-school for awhile.)
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This month's Patreon rewards are up! Two holiday wallpapers (sneak preview below) and a look at an upcoming new characters. (Yes, another one.) The Clay image is an older one, though it's never been a wallpaper before. The right-hand image is new, and in its non-wallpaper version, will be up on the website later in the month. I always used to do a yearly Christmas image back when I was working on Hunter's Moon, and I'm going to start doing that again.


This is the last month of the introductory special, with the Patreon rewards being available to all backers; starting next month it'll be the usual tier structure, with the goodies being for the $5 & up backers. However, I plan to release the December rewards to everyone each year, as a "thank you" for supporting the comic, and the sneak preview stuff released throughout the month in the Patreon activity stream will still be available to everyone at the $1 level and above.
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There's a new interview at Sequential Tart up this week, in which I talk about Kismet and Patreon, among other things.
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This month's DVD extras for Kismet's Patreon backers are now available in my Patreon activity feed. Through the month of December, I am offering the DVD-extra package to anyone who supports the comic at any level -- as little as $1/month! Starting in January, I will be making them available only to $5+ backers (but there will still be extras available for all backers -- behind-the-scenes peeks, occasional wallpapers and so forth).

I really appreciate everyone who's kicked in a little money so far. My initial goal with the comic is really just to get it to support itself -- to cover web hosting costs and so forth … and I'm actually pretty close to that already!
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The question on everyone's mind …

Sun-Cutter - page 44

Also, the page index has been updated with the last few pages.

I haven't mentioned this lately, but there is a Kismet tumblr where I post links to updates and also reblog stuff that reminds me of Kismet and/or may be of interest to Kismet readers, such as these nifty lock-pick earrings.
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Kismet: Sun-Cutter - page 43

(Technically the page has been up since Monday evening, but I haven't had a chance to mention it here!)

Also, I've had it brought to my attention that I've neglected to update the master page directory since I started updating the comic again, which is, sadly, an excellent point. I will fix that by the next update!
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Sun-Cutter Page 42

Next week's page may be a day or two late (or early!) due to travel. After that my schedule ought to stabilize.
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For Kismet's Patreon backers, the October DVD-extra rewards package is now available - this first month is Sun-Cutter development stuff and early Elaine sketches. Sample:


For these first couple of months, I'm offering the DVD extras to all donation levels (normally it will be $5 and up). Backers can go to the Patreon activity feed to download it:

Please let me know if you have any trouble -- I'm completely new to this, and if it turns out to be too complicated to download directly from the Patreon feed, I can make the file available on my website.
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Sun-Cutter: Page 41

Sincere apologies for the late update -- I was traveling and couldn't update! Since this may continue to be a problem throughout October, I might set up automatic updates somewhere that I CAN schedule updates (such as LJ or Tumblr) and then update the website when possible …

However, I'm home at the moment! This page is the start of the scene that was originally going to be the opening scene of the graphic novel, until I rearranged things a bit. And for Patreon supporters, your rewards will go live in a couple of days. :) :)
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A little late getting the page up this week due to lack of reliable Internet - sorry! (Updates will probably waffle around the Sunday-to-Monday vicinity through the end of October due to travel and corresponding issues with getting Internet access at the precise time I need to update the comic, but will settle down thereafter.)

Sun-Cutter: Page 40

I realized re-reading the page that the flow of the word balloons might be a bit confusing on this one. Let me know if you find it so, and I'll see about rearranging it before the whole thing goes to graphic novel.


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