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Annotated Raven's Children - Issue #1: Page 6 & 7

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These were originally a 2-page spread, so I thought it might be easier to include them both in the same update (in the comic they were facing each other, but doing that on a computer screen would entail sub-optimal sideways scrolling).

I'm on my way out the door here, so I'm not going to comment too extensively on this one, although rereading the pages as I posted them made me go "... ouch, self." The thing about Jained (blond-haired guy) is that he's a highly unreliable narrator with an ax to grind. Unfortunately, due to Raven's Children being as much of a crapsack world as it is, not only is Jained's racism reinforced at times by the narrative itself, but there are times when he comes off as the voice of reason, since his is the main narrative voice that we get. Dammit.

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I really like the panelling on this. Nice directing choices.