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Freebird - introduction

Next in the series of introduction posts - Freebird!

Freebird website on (currently little more than a portal to the main archive)
Freebird archive on

Compared to the sprawling epics I tend to write, Freebird is much simpler and more self-contained (not to mention complete!). Freebird was a series of Fairbanks-centric comic strips that I drew for a local entertainment weekly paper, fbx square, from 2006-2007: the story of Karen Bird, brand-new Alaska resident, getting to know her quirky, oddball neighbors. When square went under, I put all the strips online and drew a bunch of new ones to wrap up the storyline. That's what's here at the moment: the square strips, plus some new ones to bring Karen's story to a conclusion of sorts.

But there's actually more Freebird than the part of it that's online. I entered into talks with a local publisher in 2009 to put together a Freebird book. At that point, there were some 70-80 Freebird strips; I forget the exact number, but it would have made for a very short book. Since the publisher wanted more material, I drew some 30-odd new strips in early 2010 to pad out the page count, fleshing out some of the storylines and revealing more about Karen and the other characters, as well as giving the comic the ending that it was originally planned to have before the demise of square threw things out of whack. Then, for various reasons (I'm not blaming my publisher for this; things are complicated), the project stalled out a bit and the book is currently in limbo. I have my fingers crossed that the book will move forward this year, though! Eventually the whole thing will see the light of day. In the meantime, the online part of the comic is basically complete (at least, it shouldn't feel incomplete). The "missing" strips are just little additions in and around what's already there.

Unlike a lot of what I write, Freebird has no sci-fi or fantasy content, and no explosions. *g* I guess you could describe it as humor/slice-of-life with a little romance on the side.

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[personal profile] naye 2012-03-21 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Awwww! That was such a lovely story! I got totally sucked into it from the preview page alone, and ended up reading the whole thing in one go. It's really fun, and the characters are so real that it feels like I've made some new friends. ♥ Such a warm and happy place your Alaska is.
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[personal profile] killing_rose 2012-05-14 08:45 am (UTC)(link)
...It is 12:41 in the morning, I have work in far too few hours, and I just spent the past few hours reading the entirety of Freebird. It's--these are the people I grew up with, right down to "Oh goody, the men are posturing to see which one's the better Alaskan." I am just going to be over here quietly grinning to myself because for all I'm a Southcentral brat, I spent enough time in Fairbanks that I got most of the references.

♥ ...I totally want to know what the rest of the storyline is, dang it...