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2012-07-31 11:38 pm

Annotated Raven's Children - Issue #1: Page 18

Oh for pete's sake. I can't seem to do these on Fridays, so let's try making Tuesdays the regular update day, and see if that's any more effective.

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2012-07-21 05:15 pm

Annotated Raven's Children - Issue #1: Page 17

Since I know a few new people have started reading me lately, a very quick orientation/explanation: Raven's Children is a self-published comic that I did from approximately 2000-2004. Most of it has never been online, so I'm posting a page a week, with commentary, delving into my own creative process and analyzing some of the mistakes I made along the way, as well as some of the things I'm still proud of.

Anyway, on to this week's page.

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2012-06-25 12:18 pm

Annotated Raven's Children - Issue #1: Pages 12 & 13

Er, just a eensy bit late with this one. *facepalm* (I don't even have the excuse the pages aren't already done! They've been done for ten years.)

This was a two-page spread in the original comic, so I figured I'd go ahead and post it that way here, even though the pages could technically stand alone. Sorry for the unavoidable side-scrolling. Also, looking at it as a single image, I think it was clearer when it was printed on two physical pages that the left side was meant to be read first (down to "Well ... most of us") and then resumed on the right side. (Then again, maybe it wasn't clear at all. *g* I was still figuring that stuff out.)

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