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Annotated Raven's Children - Issue #1: Page 18

Oh for pete's sake. I can't seem to do these on Fridays, so let's try making Tuesdays the regular update day, and see if that's any more effective.

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The narration actually explains things here, for a change. This page was also relettered when I redid this issue.

A few explanations for other things mentioned on this page:

"Sainet --> Jained" - the Raven Tribe don't have "J", i.e. the voiced palato-alveolar affricate. They also don't distinguish between the voiced and unvoiced versions of plosive consonants (T/D, K/G, etc) - these are considered allophones of the same sound.

Deneko (panel 5) is expecting Gundasan, Ronin's predecessor as Tolshay Kahn governor of the province, and the one who was paying them for slaves. ("Kunda-san" --> "Gundasan"; same issue with voiced/unvoiced plosive consonants.) Boy is he in for a surprise.

Shaghar-dan is the language of the Tolshay Kahn (Ronin's people).

A setnu is a descent group among the mountain people, descended from a common (mythic) ancestor. The Raven Tribe are one such descent group.

Jained, Jemer (the sister who is chained to him), and Leesansut, i.e. this woman, are all siblings who were captured and enslaved as children. Jained and Jemer got out. Leesansut didn't.

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