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Annotated Raven's Children - Issue #1: Page 15

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"Ghokemi" (panel 2) is a respectful term of address in the Tolshay Kahn language for one who is not a member of the nobility.

Tolshay Kahn society is divided into "gho" = "left" (the commoners), and "ke" = "right" (the nobility). "Gho" is not a disrespectful term, unless it's used for someone to whom it doesn't apply (just as, in languages with formal and informal versions of "you", it's not improper to use the informal "you" among friends, but it would be rude to refer to a stranger that way -- "gho" is completely proper when applied to non-nobility, but would be a terrible insult if applied to someone in Ronin's position ...).

"kemi" is a generic respectful form of address that translates roughly as "prince" or "lord". So "ghokemi" is a respectful way to refer to a foreign prince who is not a member of the Tolshay Kahn "ke" class, but is a person worthy of respect in his own land. (Which is stretching things a bit with Jained ... but he is in the role of ambassador/translator here, and Ronin is extra-polite anyway.)

Ronin's name is one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time, but probably wasn't.

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