Sep. 9th, 2012

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SO. TIRED. Autumn is really hitting us with a vengeance, but I finally have nearly everything battened down for winter. I got the garden harvested on Friday, and then we were hit with our first frost Friday night (a major, unforecasted, plant-killing frost, too! If I’d been one day later with the harvesting … I definitely feel like I dodged that bullet by a hair!). The greenhouse is all cleaned up and ready for spring, the chickenhouse is repaired, tools and things are tucked away, we have a load of coal coming next week … there are still a few things I haven’t done (my planters of pansies are still blooming, so I think I’ll wait to put them away until they die back), but all in all, I think we’re basically ready for winter. Which is good, since it’s starting to look like it might be an early one.

On the creative front, I want to start making more posts about writing. This would be easier, I guess, if I was actually selling things, so I could announce story sales rather than just rambling about the writing process. But … I feel like I’m getting closer? I have a novel that I plan to start submitting to agents this winter (it still needs one more rewrite), a handful of short stories that are currently being shopped around, and a novella that I just finished rewriting this week. Sadly, the comics have been suffering, because I’m still having a lot of trouble shifting back and forth between “comics mode” and “prose mode”. I do plan to work on that! And to post more in this blog, in general.

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layla: grass at sunset (Default)

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