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Layla ([personal profile] layla) wrote2012-08-05 06:49 pm

Kismet (non) updation

Well, first of all, Sun-Cutter is not going to resume on Monday. The Kismet LJ feed CLAIMS that there is a new page, but it's a glitch (mine, not the computer's -- I had a page set to update today and forgot, so it was only up for about 5 minutes 'til I discovered and pulled it).

I do have two pages done, but I want a bigger backlog than that, because as I have learned over the last six months, I don't seem to be able to switch gears between fiction and comics very effectively. And most of my creative energy has been going into fiction lately (and this will continue for the near future). So, long story short, without a bigger backlog of pages, I'm just going to be right back in this exact same boat before too long. In order to get a chunk of pages done, I need to carve out a week or two that's devoted to doing nothing but the comic, and I wasn't able to do that in July. And I would be looking at another updating interruption in October anyway, since I have travel plans that month.

So, rather than stopping and starting all over the place, I'm going to tentatively (but optimistically!) aim for resuming updates in November. If the autumn gets away from me (as it so often does; it's one of the busiest times of year), then I'll push it back to January and make Sun-Cutter a priority in 2013.

In the meantime, I have the Sun-Cutter archive on my website and also on Tumblr now.